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My story

Wouter Vonk, born on January 11, 2003, was always engaged in various activities. He constantly sought to pursue his own path and explore the world around him.



In 2014, Wouter discovered electronic dance music. He enjoyed watching festivals such as Ultra Miami, Tomorrowland, and EDC on YouTube. Wouter found himself curious about how it all worked and how the music was produced. He soon learned that the music seamlessly flowed through DJ sets and that the production process involved the use of software programs.

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Not long after discovering EDM, Wouter purchased his first set. He quickly realized how much he enjoyed this. Through his initial gigs, he had a lot of fun and kept on spinning. A few years later, he also came across FL Studio, a professional music production software.



Wouter continued to perform and produce music persistently. He found an outlet for his emotions and creativity through this passion. He dedicated hours to practicing relentlessly. Along the way, he realized that this was his calling and that he wanted to turn it into his profession.


Wouter is evolving as both a DJ and a producer. With numerous bookings in his home country (Netherlands) and abroad, he effectively communicates his emotions through his music. Wouter has already released many original tracks under the alias Spark, achieving impressive global results. His music has garnered a total of 8 million streams. Additionally, Wouter has secured his inaugural contract with Stormi Capital in Rotterdam.

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